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Thermoregulation in ectoderms and endoderms; Excretion and the Liver, Excretion and Osmoregulation via the Kidney

Thermoregulation: How ectoderms ('Cold blooded' animals) and endoderms ('warm blooded' animals) maintain their body temperatures.

Blood glucose regulation: All those horrible terms beginning with 'g' demystified and for OCR students, how the beta cells secrete insulin.

Diabetes: Type I and II, their causes and treatments.

Liver: Describing and explaining homeostasis, negative and positive feedback as well as how the liver is involved in detoxifying the blood, specifically how amino acids are deaminated and turned into urea via the ornithine cycle.

Kidney - structure and function. Gross structure and how the nephron works for osmoregulation and excretion of urea. All the A level detail, but kept simple! Role of ADH and negative feedback, kidney disease and its treatment (haemo and peritoneal dialysis and transplants) and urine analysis, including how pregnancy tests work using monoclonal antibodies.

Thank you! I hadn’t got more then a B for my whole 2 years doing Biology so waking up to an A today was just unbelievable and watching your videos helped my so much with my revision. Will be recommending to anyone I know doing A-Level Biology. JM (Summer ‘21 student)

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