Maths in A level biology playlist

From the basics to the statistics

The first video is for students who 'can't do maths' - I'm hoping that I can convince you that you can do some! I explain how to do some of the maths problems that come up every year in exams.

The second video is an explanation of what statistics does (!), what each of the 3 statistical tests is used for and an explanation of the p-value and its significance (pardon the pun).

Finally, the Hardy-Weinberg principles are explained and the calculations demystified. I teach you how to work out the information the question gives you, how to use the 2 equations with that information, to provide you with the answer that the question wants. It's honestly so much easier once it's clearly explained!

Nearly every video finishes with worked exam questions. These are discussed to teach exam strategies, show how the content is applied and highlight the phrases and terminology that get the marks.

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I'm a qualified biology teacher and online tutor who makes videos on A level biology topics which are clear in their explanations, straightforward in their format and mark-earning in their exam question hints.

I LOVE my subject! But I also know that many A level students want to 'know what they need to know' and need help to unlock the marks in the exams, so I have formatted my videos to be straightforward, clear and pacy. They may not be 'beautiful' (I am no techy!) but the content is high quality.


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