Populations and evolution playlist

Natural selection, artificial selection, Hardy-Weinberg and speciation

The 'natural selection' video goes through the principles of natural selection that govern evolution, including the 3 types of selection - disruptive, stabilising and directional. Genetic drift, the founder effect and genetic bottlenecks are also described. Artificial selection (selective breeding) is contrasted with natural selection.

The principles governing the use of the Hardy-Weinberg equations are described, as well as explaining how to use the equations to work out allele or phenotypic frequencies, using worked examples.

In the 'speciation' video, allopatric and sympatric speciation are described and explained using examples to illustrate the two processes.

Every video finishes with worked exam questions. These are discussed to teach exam strategies, show how the content is applied and highlight the phrases and terminology that get the marks.

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I LOVE my subject! But I also know that many A level students want to 'know what they need to know' and need help to unlock the marks in the exams, so I have formatted my videos to be straightforward, clear and pacy. They may not be 'beautiful' (I am no techy!) but the content is high quality.


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